What Are the ADA Compliance Standards?

Many people commonly associate the ADA with a combination that physical businesses have to make for people with disabilities. However, websites are required to have ADA web compliance to make their websites accessible to all types of users.

Whether you're using GoDaddy or WordPress, ADA compliance is essential. One of the common myths about ADA compliance standards is that ADA compliance standards don't apply to businesses that have less than 15 employees. However, this isn't true.

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In addition, another common myth that website owners believe is that disabled customers don't need accessibility anyway. Many people believe that only government agencies and federal contractors need to make their content accessible. However, these statements also aren't true.  Using an ADA compliance website checker will help you to gather a better understanding of whether or not your site meets ADA compliance. 

There aren't any clear guidelines that spell out the ADA compliance standards. Businesses that fall under the ADA Title I or ADA Title III are required to offer reasonable accessibility to disabled people. For example, your website needs to be accessible to people that have hearing loss or vision impairment.

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Common Myths About ADA Compliance

To ensure that you

  • Yes, the ADA can absolutely apply to you, even if you’re not an employer of 15.
  • Most of Our Customers Don’t Need Accessibility Anyway!
  • Only Government Agencies and Federal Contractors Need to Make Content Accessible.

Is There Any Benefit to Making an ADA Compliant Website?

There are several benefits to making your website ADA Compliant. If you're wondering if investing in ADA compliance tools or an ADA compliance audit is the best move for your business, you should take a closer look at how meeting ADA web compliance standards will benefit you.

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Understanding the Importance of Making Your Website ADA Compliant

Not only will you face penalties if you don't make your website ADA Compliant, but you'll also be missing out on a large opportunity of potential customers. Focusing on making your website ADA Compliant will benefit both the disabled users and your website's non-disabled users. 

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