Fractional CMO Services

Outsource/Fractional CMO provides the last piece of puzzle that any small and medium size businesses are missing which is a virtual CMO who understands each and every aspect or large and medium marketing strategy, operations & feedback implementations and that too at fractional cost.

The Challenge

As a business owner you are looking for someone who can translate your vision and mission to your marketing teams and vice versa and someone who knows how to connect the marketing operations with your vision into the best marketing effort ever done which translates into visibility & ROI.

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Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You have a tactical marketing team, but they aren’t involved in decisions regarding company vision, mission, strategy, tactics and growth plans.
  • You are dissatisfied with results of marketing and the impact on revenue and know you are missing out on existing market opportunities.
  • You lack a marketing strategy that can deliver predictable and measurable results.
  • You spend money on marketing, though you see little ROI from those efforts.
  • Your team does not use or have the capabilities to measure their performance.
  • You need better competitive analysis and market research to know if your messages are correctly being received and are talking to the right people.
  • You need a comprehensive assessment of marketing tactics, team members and capabilities to ensure you are built for long-term success.
  • You need an expert that can help you improve brand loyalty, reduce churn and supports the business development team to achieve their growth targets.
  • You want a professional marketing approach, but don’t want the expense of a full time marketing person.

If so you need a fractional CMO

Here is what we can provide your business as your outsourced CMO:

  • Analysis of your current sales and marketing efforts and if you have the right resources doing the right jobs.
  • Assessment of all your messages including internal and external communications to current and prospective customers
  • Review of your marketing efforts and data to determine if you are reaching the correct decision makers in the most efficient and effective manner Identify the data and information needed to make informed, strategically driven decisions on all sales and marketing efforts
  • Create a strategically driven, fact-based plan with action items to achieve your company goals Train and lead your current marketing team in these new initiatives
  • Our marketing consulting can take the form of whatever works best in your business.
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Some of the ways it might work for you would be in the form of

Fractional CMO & Business Consulting to create growth plans & execute them. Our fractional CMO’s are in high-demand and we only take on a limited number of Outsourced CMO clients in order to ensure a high level of attention is given to those clients.

To sum it all up this will help you

Common Issues Solution
We need more leads, referrals, and sales. Create an inbound lead generation system
We have too many leads falling to the wayside. Install a lead management system
We have too many competitors – Clients don’t know why they should choose us. Develop a strong value proposition, big idea, and narrative
No one knows us. Develop a set of key messages, narratives,  and promotion plan
We lack the staff to get marketing tasks done. Let us do it for you
We are attracting the wrong kinds of clients. Target the market based on key segments and narratives
Our sales team needs to be more effective. Install a sales framework based on buying stages
We don’t have a compensation model that motivates the sales team. Install a compensation system based on buying stages
We can’t create an accurate sales forecast. Install a forecasting system based on buying stages