Connecting WordPress websites and applications with one another eliminates duplication of effort, directly affecting productivity. We can link 3rd party applications to your WordPress websites via standard or custom APIs, offering two-way data flows to both capture and publish data.

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We can basically connect anything with WordPress

  • Payment Gateways
  • Wallet Implementations
  • And many more ….
  • Type of Integrations & Integrators
  • Bank & Financial Institutions API’s
  • Insurance API’s
  • Data Integrator API’s

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API Integration: MyLifeInsurance


My Life Insurance is Ireland’s most trusted  Financial Planning & Insurance advisor from the past 40+ years and is a family owned business. New generation is fuelling the digital needs of My Life insurance with their ambitious digital roadmap that is tightly coupled with customer requirements and adheres to all the big and small components of digital success and API Management & Integration is one of the most critical element of this digital success plan.


  • Website Design & Development
  • Theme Development
  • Plugin Development
  • Custom Development
  • API Integration
  • Support & Maintenance

Challenge & Solution

When MLI approached they wanted to increase their lead generation capacity to exponential folds but were looking for a strategy to do so and having a robust platform to support that growth. The UX Design Experts team took this challenge can came up with a plan which unlike the client was not just focussed on lead generation capacity but also on lead quality which will finally lead to great conversions and longer customer lifetime.

UXD planned 3 types of lead qualities, Those who need instant quote right then and there from big insurance companies, People who just want to fill out details and want someone to call back and lastly those who needed concierge for their complete financial planning

UXD did complex JSON based API Integration with MLI in such a way that customer get instant quote that too in real time which can further lead to purchase or concierge or direct medical qualification as an insuree

This provided MLI with a robust workflow which was customer friendly and helped them with their ongoing digital success plan.

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