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Full-width Images and Sections

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Tons of “shortcodes” for your page content

Why We Wrote this Plugin

Experto Mobile CTA Plugin is a Call To Action Plugin which is only available on mobile devices at the approachable location of the right or left thumb so that anyone browsing your site on mobile can either call you or email you or follow you on social media.

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We developed this Plugins to be unique

The Rule of the Thumb is the understanding that your user's thumb is their vehicle for navigating your website, and the closer your desired action buttons are to their thumb, the more likely they are to click through.

Plugin Features

Modern, “flat” style theme with beautiful color palette

Fully responsive theme that changes layouts for desktop, tablets, and phones

Hundreds of icons from Bootstrap and Font Awesome

Big full-width featured images on any page

Full-width colored sections

Variable column footer with 1 to 4 columns

Primary Logo

WordPress Plugin: Scultpology


Sculptology is USA’s top 10 Cool Sculpting Practices and No 1 in California and they believe Body Sculpting is more than just an aesthetic service – it’s an exact science. Their providers are expertly trained through the CoolSculpting University Master’s Program, and have experience with the widest range of treatment plans and body types, to provide the most comprehensive approach to your desired results. Sculptology believes CoolSculpting can be the catalyst to your wellness-focused lifestyle. From the moment you walk through the doors of Sculptology, to the moment you show off your head-turning results…you’ll notice the difference from every angle.


  • Website Design & Development
  • Custom Plugin Development

Challenge & Solution

What Sculptology offers is a very dynamic and interactive service and needs a full body diagnosis before they consult so they approached UX Design Experts with a challenge to make the initial touch points between potential customer and Sculptology as interactive as possible and also digitalise their in-clinic onboarding process as well

After understanding the process of Sculptology UX Design Experts came up with one of the most interactive Forms where some one can not only select genders and body type but also can select each peculiar body part that they think needs some work along with other details. Similarly the same thing is utilise in house as its been used on the website.